Hallyu – an efficient Method for Marketing and Advertising in Asia

In 2012, A Korean song called “Gangnam Style” went viral on YouTube with quite a billion viewers at the time. People in western countries including America began to concentrate to South Korean Music. However, for children in South and Southeast Asian countries, KPOP or Korean pop wasn’t something new them. As a matter of fact, KPOP has dominated in many Asian countries since the first 21st century.

KPOP, along side Korean TV dramas and films , is mentioned as Hallyu or Korean Cultural Wave in Asia. the recognition of Korean TV dramas, Korean pop , and their associated celebrities has made a robust influence on the Asian consumer culture. When travelling to China, Thailand, or Vietnam, it’s quite common to catch a highschool student decorating her backpack with pictures of a well known Korean pop star.

Especially, Korean TV dramas are very fashionable not only among teenagers but also among adults in Asian countries. When a well-liked Korean drama is aired in an Asian country , people tend to shop for any products that are employed by their favorite characters within the drama. The Korean products, from electronic products to food, therefore quickly become popular in many Asian countries. Understanding the large impact of Hallyu in Asia, many Korean companies has collaborated with Korean leading entertainment companies like SM and YG so as to use the famous celebrities from these companies to endorse their products. Hallyu or Korean Cultural Wave therefore has become an efficient method for marketing and advertising not just for Korean companies but also for any international corporation that plans to enter the South and Southeast Asian markets.

The reason KPOP has become so popular in Asia is that it features Korean idols that are good-looking and have independent personalities. Korean pop stars also are the symbols of beauty and fashion for his or her young Asian fans to follow. The Korean stars are extremely good at communicating with their fans so as to be on the brink of them through social media. They wish to reveal their normal lives to their fans to point out how they live and what they eat, wear, or use in daily days. International companies can use their “fan services” as a tool to market their products. as an example , a fashion company can contract with a KPOP star to wear their clothes either on stage or in daily activities. Food companies also can cash in of this “fan service” also . for instance , a fast-food restaurant company can contract with a South Korean channel to possess their restaurants appear on its up coming TV drama. If the drama seems to be successful when it airs, then the promotion campaign are going to be successful not only in Korea but also in many other Asian countries.

The Korean Wave has become a worldwide idea for marketing and promoting in Asia. However, when using the image of a well known Korean star to market and advertise in another Asian country , companies must necessarily make changes within the campaigns so as to raised fit the traditions and cultures of a selected country like China or Malaysia. the rationale is that different countries have different cultures and traditions, and therefore the promotions got to be adjusted into these traditions and cultures regardless of how famous the Korean Cultural Wave is. another thing to be noticed, the worth for hiring a famous Korean celebrity is in fact very high. Companies got to plan carefully before launching a marketing campaign with a well known Korean star. Up to now, the utilization of Korean stars for promotion is best in prosperous countries like China and Japan. for fewer developed countries just like the Philippines or Vietnam, the payoff might not end up to be alright albeit the Korean Cultural Wave is additionally very fashionable in these countries.

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